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This is the official website for the work of Massimo Barbato. Within this site is information about AI (Artificial Intelligence) Ė synthetic life born out of the digital universe.

In the next decade, as AI surpasses our expectations, science fiction will become reality. Experts believe AI will develop the capacity to solve far more complex problems than we as humans, or our current computers can deal with.

From driving our cars and curing our diseases to delivering almost anything we need, could AI create a basis of security for all humans in the future? Or could it be manís last invention that will one day transcend the human race, as some believe?

Artificial Intelligence



Massimo Barbato is a writer and speaker. He is dedicated to understanding how AI and future technologies will change our world.

Massimoís commentary is thought-provoking and accessible. He delves deeply into many of the latest trends and developments, as well as the challenges our society will face when it comes to AI.

Overall his message is about empowerment, and learning how we can build a positive future with emerging technologies. Follow Massimo on Facebook and Twitter for fascinating updates, and read his Blog for interesting articles.

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Artificial Intelligence


Mar 2014. Mini eBook series to be launched on Amazon Kindle...

Nov 2013. Interview with UK's Daily Mail...

Sep 2013. Article published in London's City A.M...

Jul 2013. Screenplay 'Computer Love' wins The Writer's Place competition in the USA...

Mar 2013. Interview with Live Wire Radio...

Nov 2012. Interview with London's METRO...

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Living With Robots A New Dawn



This concise and fascinating e-Book looks at the early foundations of AI, its chequered past and recent milestones. Could AI be manís greatest invention or his last..?

Currently available on Amazon Kindle.

3D-Printing is the technology everyone is talking about. This concise e-Book examines how a 3D-Printer works, what it can do and why it is being described as the next industrial revolution.

Currently available on Amazon Kindle.


Massimoís new book - out later this year, further advances himself as a proficient writer of note on how AI and future technologies will change our world.

Follow Massimo on Facebook and Twitter for further announcements.


Massimo consulted during the writing of Computer Love, an award-winning screenplay by Jan Hendrik Verstraten, which deals with humanityís response to AI.

Visit Flying Dutchman Films for more details.


Massimo is an excellent speaker and lecturer on future trends and possibilities, regarding AI and emerging technologies.

Contact Massimo for further information, and look out for upcoming videos on YouTube.


Massimo writes and commentates regularly for publications like City A.M. and the METRO, radio, blogs, magazines and those seeking refinement of thought on the subject. His style is entertaining, informative and inspiring.

Contact Massimo to arrange an interview or an article.

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Please contact Massimo for media services, consultancy and bespoke presentations relating to AI.

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