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Massimo Barbato's understanding of AI in today's society is second to none. Author, Writer, Speaker and Specialist on AI, his social interaction and knowledge are what keep him in the forefront of publications such as City A.M. and the London METRO, radio, magazines and those seeking refinement of thought on the subject.

Everything from our cars, washing machines, hospital systems, mobile phones, aviation, 3D Printers you name it contains AI in some form or another. Man is now finding that his thinking has to take a step further out of the proverbial box and notch itself up to a higher level of awareness in order to keep a hold on what he has created with AI.

Massimo has a real feel and depth for AI that makes it sound exciting and takes away the myths and fears that are often associated with it. Whilst understanding that AI in the wrong hands can be dangerous its positive side far outweighs any negativity.


Massimo's publications give clear insights into what we can expect and how developments that are currently in process are designed, by very conscientious people who strive above and beyond every-day life to make our world a better place. His new book - out later this year, further advances not only himself as a proficient writer of note on AI and future technologies, but envelopes his own passion and desire in that field too, which he readily shares. His writings and lectures give a stance of understanding to those who want to learn and he extrapolates potentials that are waiting to happen, based upon current research and development.

My Blog Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

"AI will one day become not only self-improving, but order the shape of what it does whilst it is doing it, without any need for human intervention."

"The most exciting element of AI is that it will link us to higher worlds of intelligence in the universe that are currently beyond our awareness."

"New discoveries are giving scientists the God-like ability to master our biology and the physical world we live in. Conventional science is being turned on its head. Everything is up for grabs."

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Please contact Massimo for media services, consultancy and bespoke presentations relating to AI.

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